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InSCROLL - LAUREL - Heraldry.jpgSCROLL - LAUREL -Prudence Profile.jpgSCROLL - LAUREL - Prudence.jpg

Laurel scroll inspired by the British Library's Egerton 1867 f.2, last quarter of the 15th century. Not bad for my first white vine scroll:-] In the process of researching this piece I found that the traditional white dots for the blue and red backgrounds and gold or yellow for the green, was sometimes gold for the red as well and that the brown line work for the white vine could also be black and grey.

Some things to consider doing differently next time:-] This was one of my shortest turnarounds, (Prudence asked me about a third of the way into December for a delivery for 12th Night) wish I could have spent a bit more time on building up the calligraphy - different colors of ink was not unusual and there was a suggestion of a less severe ink color, more brownish which I think was once again the difference between the brown and black white vine. Prudence does more Elizabethan and German late period, but wanted an Italian style scroll so I was looking for photos of her bare-headed. Usually portraits were profile shots or 3/4 turns.

Greatest things I learned is that I really should go to the eye doctor and up the eyeglass prescription and that I need more time and need to spread the work out over a longer time period the carpal tunnel flared up again and my hand hasn't fully gone back to where it was before I started the scroll...


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Sondra Miller-Prowett
Oct. 26th, 2016 09:33 pm (UTC)
So Lovely Tam!
I was caught breathless when I first opened this post! Beautiful! For a first white work! Man! I think you are right about the ink color but it is gorgeous. It could maybe stand some more shading depth on the vines and wreaths and a bit more highlight on your lions supporting her heraldry to pop them from the rich red background, but that is an artistic choice. I love the choice of the lion type and the wreaths around the seals. Can I ask? Why the plain background behind the lions? was it a purposeful choice? It makes them stand out more and the heraldry stand out more but it seems unusual not to see diapering. ;D Sannan the One Eyed of Hauksgardr An Tir
Oct. 27th, 2016 11:40 am (UTC)
Re: So Lovely Tam!l
There is diapering happening in all the red (appropriate to this style:-), The photography washes a bit of the detailing out. A camera that didn't need flash for the details is an issue I've had all along in my scroll photos.-/ The lions came from same era, heraldic style supporters, and similar "objects" in the vinework did have space around them.
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