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InSCROLL - LAUREL - Heraldry.jpgSCROLL - LAUREL -Prudence Profile.jpgSCROLL - LAUREL - Prudence.jpg

Laurel scroll inspired by the British Library's Egerton 1867 f.2, last quarter of the 15th century. Not bad for my first white vine scroll:-] In the process of researching this piece I found that the traditional white dots for the blue and red backgrounds and gold or yellow for the green, was sometimes gold for the red as well and that the brown line work for the white vine could also be black and grey.

Some things to consider doing differently next time:-] This was one of my shortest turnarounds, (Prudence asked me about a third of the way into December for a delivery for 12th Night) wish I could have spent a bit more time on building up the calligraphy - different colors of ink was not unusual and there was a suggestion of a less severe ink color, more brownish which I think was once again the difference between the brown and black white vine. Prudence does more Elizabethan and German late period, but wanted an Italian style scroll so I was looking for photos of her bare-headed. Usually portraits were profile shots or 3/4 turns.

Greatest things I learned is that I really should go to the eye doctor and up the eyeglass prescription and that I need more time and need to spread the work out over a longer time period the carpal tunnel flared up again and my hand hasn't fully gone back to where it was before I started the scroll...

Court Barony for Arontius of Bygelswade

Not sure how to upload multiple photos (will be experimenting later on this) the "new" upgrades aren't as user friendly. So... check out the album Kingdom Scrolls II:-]

The scroll design is based on Ms. Liturg. 198 (circa 1350) from the Bodleian Library http://bodley30.bodley.ox.ac.uk:8180/luna/servlet/detail/ODLodl~1~1~3862~103998:Choir-Psalter--Augustinian-?sort=Shelfmark%2CFolio_Page&qvq=q:198;sort:Shelfmark%2CFolio_Page;lc:ODLodl~29~29,ODLodl~7~7,ODLodl~6~6,ODLodl~14~14,ODLodl~8~8,ODLodl~23~23,ODLodl~1~1,ODLodl~24~24&mi=54&trs=94

Gilding gave me some difficulty (first it was too hot and dry, which I modified the formula for, and then, as soon as I arrived at the site, which had lots of humidity near the ground, I could see the gesso reconstituting itself:-/) so that I had to take it back after the event to see what kind of repairs I could make on it. In the duration I finished lining and pen flourishes as well and will be handing it back to the recipient next weekend (yaay!:-])

AoB - CB Final Bifolio

Not dead yet... :-]

Madrone Sergeantry Commission
Madrone Sergeantry Commission text Haven't posted in a while and wanted to do a bunch of posts, but will just put one out there from the last several months and see what else happens in the New Year (because I have bunches of classes I should be prepping at the moment).

This is a Sergeantry Commission scroll for the Barony of Madrone. On parchment with oak gall ink in an Insular Minuscule hand. Seal is a mock-up for the real Madrone seal.
Andras Truemark Chivalry scroll - gilding in progress
Andras Truemark Chivalry scroll - ungilded corner
Andras Truemark Chivalry scroll - gilded cornerThis is at least the sixth time I've tried to make this entry. Don't know if the text from the photo descriptions is going to show up, but in case they don't (once again), this piece is worked on deer parchment and based on the Cnut Gospels, an Anglo-Saxon manuscript which features flat gilding. There will be a "commentary" that is the award text and Andras' device done in a later "tinted" style literally "in the margin". The scroll was started last winter, but has been on hold along with other projects due to working out issues with carpal tunnel.. I thought that if I saw it everytime I opened up LiveJournal it wouldn't stay hidden in the portfolio (out of sight, out of mind).

Eileen is here too:-]

Eileen is on LiveJournal as medievalmouse if you want to friend her:-]
Delivered Una's scroll this last weekend at Ursulmas in exchange for the original Promissory she had received as Killian ni Iain Macfarland after making a stop by Duke Thorin's home for the last signature (not pictured because the photos were taken before I left home). Please see the Scrapbook for details on the photos as the current version of LiveJournal doesn't post them with the pictures.

Inspired by the British Library’s Robert de lisle Psalter Part 2 Origin England, S.E. (London) c. 1310. Gothic script. Manuscript dimensions approximately 33cm X 22cm (miniature area 29cm X 19cm).

Arundel 83 f. 134v carpet page seated Royalty and angels
Arundel 83 f.127r calligraphy exemplar and use of rectangular areas
Arundel 83 f.129r personifications of the four cardinal virtues, Prudence (holding bird and serpent), Justice (with balance and scales), Fortitude (sword and shield), and Temperance (cup and torch).

Usage of birds – Úna was chatelaine at time of recognition, nurturing newly hatched birds.
Rectangles were used to contain two separate areas – one for the heraldry, one for the herald and kingdom seals.

Execution: Raised gilding on lead-based gesso. Holbein gouache paint. Arches HP 140lb paper

Text: Be it known throughout the lands of the sable lion that We, Thorin by right of arms king of An Tir and Angharad Our most noble queen have harkened to the words of Our people and so would recognize one who rises to her tasks fair as a star in the night, but whose example of service shines forth like the sun in its glory. Therefore, We take pleasure Úna inghen uí Gairbhíne to advance and commend you with an Award of Arms and declare that you shall bear these arms from this day hence: Per bend sable and vert, a griffin couchant argent. In witness whereof We set Our hand and affix Our seal this twenty first day of July anno societatis XXV. Being required by Their Majesties to make a search of the records in the registers and the records of my office for the aforementioned gentle I do find that she may lawfully bear the arms herein mentioned in witness whereof I, Black Lion Herald set my hand and seal.

Una's finished AoA Scroll 002
Una's Promissory

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DL A&S DF golden
DL A&S DF Golden capital

New charter design for Dragon's Laire Dragon's Flame based on Trompe l'oiel style with elements inspired by this manuscript page:

First photo is so some of the "shadows" show up, the other so you could see how golden the background was. Neither photo really does it justice - I need to figure out what is wrong with my camera - half the time the photos were out of focus (took dozens upon dozens of shots just to get down to these three:-k) and the other half nearly out of focus. Need to take it in for a checkup and cleaning and maybe look into a new camera (that won't cost an arm and a leg).

Whoops! Just noticed that one of the Dragon's heads is missing an iris:-s.

Was also going to post out the Martial version of this award charter, but apparently I didn't take a photo of it. I may have gotten a copy (I remember painting it so I will try to track it down on my other laptop just in case it landed there), but if so it is no longer in the camera. This is why I am back to keeping my originals:-x.
This scroll was completed for June Faire in Dragon's Laire this last weekend (one of my alternate activities during May Crown weekend).

Also should state that William is a VERY good friend, because I don't do this kind of thing for just any Grant level award:-]

And yes, the Dragon's Company charter was a quick study for this scroll:-]

Oh the mysteries of LiveJournal, somehow the main photo for this scroll has disappeared so go to the Scrapbook to find it under one of the Kingdom Scroll albums:-s.

Scroll Text

Tremble before these words for with a voice of thunder & a visage of lightning do We, Ieuan, rightful king of An Tir, & Gwyneth, Our beloved queen, declare this Our will.
Let it be known that We do hereby execute due just recognition & reward having witnessed the deeds of our faithful William Arwemakere in the fields of An Tir & having received report of his accomplishments from Our loyal subjects, as well from Our noble cousins in Their southern wars & on hearing the acclaim with which he has been met having distinguished himself through feats of skill with a bow & of his leadership in instructing others in this his chosen avocation.
Thus We are minded to exercise Our sovereign prerogative to enter him into Our right noble Order of the Grey Goose Shaft & do confer upon him all the rights, honors, privileges & responsibilities appertaining thereunto.
And that this decree may for all ages remain valid & unshaken We have ordered the present document to be confirmed by the authority of Our seal & by the character of the royal signatures this second day of june anno Societatis xlvii, being mmxii gregorian, & declared while We are seated in Our court while We are met at june faire in Our barony of Dragon’s Laire.

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Completed scroll Completed scroll The overall structure is pretty pleasing though it was a matter of understanding some of the details of the manuscript better once I started to lay in the colors. The court scene with William and Their Majesties I had always intended to have a blue background to offset all the yellow tones that were being used that would have faded against a gilded background and I had intended to offset this with blue in the Castle scene as well, but when I started looking at the Morgan Bible closely I found that the gilded areas, when there, were always in the lower right hand side and the upper left hand side. Because of the way they divide the outside border colors (a couple of ways usually either quartered or "per pale") this meant the Castle background needed to be red. To pop the design out again (because the gates were already red at this point)the castle became blue which was fortitious since I then had Gleann Abhann and Trimaris's colors well represented:-].

New Dragon's Laire awards charters

Dragon's Company Dragon's Company New Dragon's Laire award charter based on Maciejowski Bible.
Dragon's Mantle Dragon's Mantle New Dragon's Laire award charter. I believe the design came from a manuscript in the British Library, but I'm not locating it at the moment.
Argent Pavilion Argent Pavilion New Dragon's Laire award charter based on the style in Harley 4431 Christine de Pizan.
Mano Minas Mano Minas New Dragon's Laire Award charter based on the style in Harley 4431 f. 4 Christine de Pizan.

Candlemas Dragon's Flame scrolls

Scrolls given out in court this weekend. Pernell and Jahnkin's scrolls were done in a Gothic style for the second age (1250-1450) of Arontius and Laurellen, Baron and Baroness of Dragon's Laire. Conall's scroll was for an award given originally in the First Age (pre-1250). The colors are a little off and there are problems with shadows (thanks Marcus for helping me figure out how to get the telephoto extension off the camera:-]), but the gist of the scrolls are there. All scrolls were inspired by manuscripts found in the British Library http://www.bl.uk/catalogues/illuminatedmanuscripts/searchsimple.asp (try "puzzle initial" in the keyword search for Jahnkin's). Some of the designs may show back up in charters for the Barony:-]

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Pernell Camber's Dragon Flame scroll Pernell Camber's Dragon Flame scroll Given in the second age of Arontius and Laurellen the scroll was based on an English Gothic manuscript found in the British Library.
Close up of capital P Close up of capital P I combined the designs from two different manuscript pages to get the Dragons that I liked for both the interior of the P and the decoration at the bottom, done with raised gilding. I'm thinking there must be a "perfect" temperature range for applying the gesso, because this had more of a mirror finish then the last time I applied gilding.